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Evgeni Bozhanov was born in 1984 in Russe on the Danube in Bulgaria. In the age of 6 he started to study in the special school for unusually talented children. Being 12 years old he debuted with performing Mozartĺs concerto in C KV 415, accompanied by Russe Philharmonic orchestra. Since then he had number of recitals and concerts with orchestra.

In 1996ľ1997 the young pianist has been awarded with two first prizes at the national competitions, those of ôSvetoslav Obretenovö und ôDimitar Nenovö. In 1999 he won first prize and two complimentary prizes at the International Frederic Chopin competition in Varna, Bulgaria. In 2000 he was awarded with first prize at the Jeunesse Musicale competition in Romania which attracted international audience attention toward the musician.

In the same year Bozhanov took the decision to continue his studies with Boris Bloch, who provided him with the chance to attend master classes at Folkwang Hochschule fur Musik und Tanz in Essen, Germany.

Being studied in Germany the talented pianist has got also prestigious Folkwang Prize from the city of Essen, prize at the Chopin competition in Cologne. In March 2000 Bozhenov was awarded with first prize at the Carl Bechstein competition. Now he continues to study piano with professor Georg Friedrich Schenk in Dusseldorf and also studies conducting with professor Rudiger Bohn in the same city.