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The Schoolĺs history begins in 1850 when the ôConservatorium der Musik in Coelnö was opened. At the beginning its main orientation was training for amateur performance at home. The teaching of future professionals began half a century later. In 1925, after new curricula and examination orders were adopted, the School became the third, after those in Leipzig and Berlin, to be confirmed as a State Educational Institution. The present name dates from 1987, when the conservatories of Aix-la-Chapelle and Wuppertal were incorporated. Some departments are located in other cities of Northern Rhine-Westphalia.

The courses of study, which include 24 specialities, are divided among 9 departments. Other supplementary courses are being considered, concerning, for example, chamber music performance, song accompaniment and dance training. Owing to this, each student who feels himself talented enough should have the opportunity to enrich and expand his professional training results. The highest level of training stipulates that many students become participants of prestigious competitions to be world-class performers.