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of Ukraine (Kiev)

T he conservatoire of Kiev was solemnly opened on November 15th 1913. This event marked the birth of higher musical education in Ukraine and was the turning point in the development of national musical culture. The conservatoire was established on the same basis as the city musical college which opened in 1868 with such famous teachers as O. Sevcik, C. Everardi, O. Khimichenko.

First among the prominent musicians who advanced an opinion in 1880 concerning the education levels in Kiev, and of the highest criteria of the conservatoire type of education was Anton Rubinstein. In addition, he granted the college essential financial help, donating half of the profits of his concert for the purchase of two Becker concert pianos. The idea of opening the conservatoire in Kiev was also supported by Tchaikovsky, Taneyev, Rachmaninoff, and Glazounov. Immediate participation in the realization of this idea involved the Director of the college, V. Pukhalsky, the prominent conductor A. Vinogradsky, and the well-known maecenas of Kiev, Mr. Tereshchenko.

In 1919 the Kiev conservatoire became a State high school. Among the co-founders were such prominent personalities as R. Gliere, L. Revucky, B. Liatoshinsky, V. Pukhalsky, G. Beklemishev, H. Neuhaus, O. Peperling, M. Erdenko, F. Blumenfeld, N. Malko, V. Dranishnikov, N. Rakhlin, and B. Yavorsky.

In 1995 the conservatoire gained the status of the P. Tchaikovsky National Academy of Music of Ukraine.

Now there are about 100 students from 23 countries in Europe, Northern (Canada) and Latin Americas, Asia (Middle and Far East), and Africa. The Academy maintains ties with a number of cultural centres and musical institutes abroad; it is also a member of the European Association of Conservatories, Academies and Colleges of Music.