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The Moscow State Conservatoire was founded by outstanding musician, brilliant pianist, conductor and musical activist, Nikolai Rubin stein. Among its professors were P. Tchaikovsky, S. Taneev, V. Safonov, M. Ippolitov-Ivanov, N. Miaskovsky, D. Shostakovich, the lead ing composers and musicians of their time. Among its alumni that gained world recognition are S. Rakhmaninov, A. Scriabin, N. Metner, S. Richter, L. Kogan, and M. Rostropovich. Today the Moscow Conservatoire is one of the best music institutions in the world. Students are taught by highly professional and internationally recognized professors, performers, composers and scholars. The Conservatoire now is a whole complex of music teaching institutions. It includes the Conservatoire itself, the Music College, the Central Music School and the Depart ment of Military Conductors. The Conservatoire has seven major departments: the Piano Department with organ and harpsichord classes; the Orchestral Studies Department including string, brass, percussion subdivisions and orchestral conduct ing; the Vocal Studies Department; the Choral Conducting Department; the Composition Department; the Music Studies Department including history and theory of music and ethnomusicology; and the History and Theory of Performance Department. The Moscow Conservatoireĺs S. Taneev Scientific-Music Library is one of the richest depositories of books and music in Russia. The Bolshoi (Grand), Maly (Small) and Rachmaninoff Halls play a significant role in the life of the Conservatoire and in the creation of its unique atmosphere, encouraging the development of its studentsĺ creative abilities. Many students enjoy wonderful opportunities to demonstrate their performance skills on these stages. Several hundred concerts are organised annually both in the Conservatoireĺs halls in Moscow and throughout Russia.