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Nizhnii Novgorod

The Mikhail Glinka State Conservatoire of Nizhny Novgorod (until 1991 known as the city of Gorky) was established in 1946 as one of the most authoritative artistic culture centres in Russia.

In 1957 the Gorky Conservatoire was named after Mikhail Glinka. In 1960 the German company of Alexander Schuke Orgelbau, Potsdam installed an organ in the Grand concert hall. In the Sixties the conservatoire opened postgraduate studies for musicologists and created positions for junior members of teaching staff and for students (performers) on special courses not leading to degree certificates. Since 1962 the Gorky Conservatoire has taken an active part in modern music festivals, e.g. the monographic festival dedicated to Shostakovich in 1964.

From 19721993 the conservatoire was led by the well-known composer and Peoples Artist of Russia A. Nesterov. During that period the composer department was extended, the serious musicologist school was founded, and the collections of scientific works were published. For the first time in the Soviet Union, the works of Alfred Schnittke, and the soulful music of Rachmaninoff, Chesnokov, Kastalsky and others were performed here.

In the Nineties the Conservatoire gained international recognition and wide ties of friendship with foreign countries were established. The conservatoire accepts students from Japan, Syria, Denmark, France, the USA, PRC, and Jamaica.